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This page checks the most important browser features required to use Blackboard at Palm Beach State College. Please scroll down to see the results of your browser check.
For more information, see Supported Browsers.

For a list of supported Operating Systems (OS) with associated Browsers and warnings about specific system combinations, please refer to the Supported Browsers page.
Fail If this check fails, refer to the Enable Javascript Tutorial for instructions on enabling Javascript for your browser.
Fail If this check fails, refer to the Enable Cookies Tutorial for instructions on enabling Cookies for your browser.
Fail If this check fails, refer to the Enable Pop-ups Tutorial for instructions on enabling Popup Windows for your browser.
If you see "If you can see this text, then your browser can display PDF documents." in the box to the left, then your browser can display PDF in a subwindow.

If you cannot see any text in the box to the left, download and install the latest Adobe Reader. Click here to download the latest Adobe Reader


 Additional Checks

The following checks are optional. You may or may not need these additional software for your specific Blackboard course.


Browser Plugin Check

Verify which commonly used plugins have been installed for your browser. These plugins may or may not be needed for your specific course.
Links to download resources have been provided should you need to install or update a plugin.

Plugin Currently Installed Your Version Link
Adobe Flash Download
Adobe Reader Download
Apple QuickTime Download
Windows Media Player Firefox/Chrome Download
Safari Download

Note: The plugin checks for installation of browser plugins, not installed applications. It is possible for the check to state you do not have the plugin, but still have the application installed on your computer. Also note that some versions cannot be identified in certain browsers.


Respondus LockDown Browser

Your course may require you to use an Online Test Proctoring System when taking online examinations. This will require the installation of Respondus LockDown browser on your computer and possibility the use of a webcam. Use the following links to learn more about Respondus LockDown Browser, how to download it, and verify that your system is compatible.

Note: Use either Internet Explorer (PC) or Safari (Mac) when running the Respondus webcam check to correctly set your browser settings before using the Respondus LockDown browser.


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